Digital Halon Analytics

Digital Halon Analytics provides decades of experience in converting raw data into actionable decisions using an array of data analysis techniques. Fundamental to successful analytic and information management projects  are solid data management, data placement, and data governance strategies.  These strategies come from aligning the analytic, data, and system architectures to meet the needs of the business strategy and objectives. With these strategies in place, along with the appropriate analytics applied to the business problem, actionable decisions enable increased productivity and reduced costs in an efficient and affordable manner.

Applied Analytics

From implementing cloud-based autonomous predictive analytics solutions to optimizing current analytics platform run-time performance, Digital Halon provides the expertise to put the commercial or open-source analytic solutions into action.

Autonomous Analytic Modeling
Propensity Modeling
Risk Modeling

Analytic Architecture
Analytic Assessment & Roadmap
SAS/RDBMS Optimization

Data Management

Turning raw data into actionable decisions is key for businesses to provide value and efficiencies to their customers. Digital Halon provides the data management and architecture strategies and expertise across the Big Data, Data Warehouse, Analytic Systems, and Cloud environments.

Big Data Architecture
Data Warehouse Architecture

Analytic Ecosystem Architecture
Logical and Physical Data Modeling

Data Integration and Quality
Performance Analysis

Cloud Architecture

Designing near-real-time cloud-native applications from the ground-up to integrating cloud services with on-premises (hybrid) solutions, Digital Halon provides the analytic ecosystem architecture expertise to design these systems to perform at scale in a cost effective manner.

Analytic Ecosystem Architectures
Cloud-Native Architectures
Hybrid Cloud / On Premises
Near-Real-Time Data Ingest
Large Scale Batch Data Ingest
Large Scale Data Egress

Fault Tolerance & Redundancy