About Digital Halon Analytics

Where did the name Digital Halon come from?

“Digital Halon” is a reference to ‘putting out fires’ that my friends and I from university used to do when we were working in the computer labs or as network admins for various departments. Back in the day, Halon 1301 was used for fire suppression in computer machine rooms. One of us remarked, “We should make a company after we graduate and call it Digital Halon Corporation.” Throughout my career I always remember those conversations, projects, and hijinks. But I remember most that we learned much by analyzing why something was the way it was, and what other things we could make something do if we tried. In the 30-or-so years experience in systems engineering, analytics, and parallel database systems, regardless of the type of project, system or process, ‘digital firefighting’ always seem to take place to get the projects across the line to completion.

While Halon is rarely used in machine rooms today, the legal name of the company Digital Halon LLC is a homage to my experiences and friends from university. Using the trade name (doing business as, or dba) Digital Halon Analytics to describe how we moved from digital firefighting in earlier times to maturing into analyzing all things digital 30 years later.